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Happy Moments and Beyond.

Liderfood™ is one of the largest meat production companies in Georgia. We were approached with a challenge to
create a consistent brand identity and packaging design to fit a range of as many as 60 SKU’s .

The brand concept is based on the universal appreciation of yummy moments in life that put a smile on our faces.
It is clean, simple and straightforward, like happy little moments are supposed to be. Due to a simple color scheme,
smooth shapes and uncluttered style, the brand is memorable, uncomplicated and leaves a nice taste in your mouth.

Liderfood Old Brandmark — 2009-2016

Liderfood New Brandmark from 2016

Idea & Concept

Our lives are nothing but a series of moments, and if there is
one thing we could all agree on, it is that everyone should be a bit
more present, in the moment, and appreciative of those
little nuggets of joy we so often fail to notice.

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